ReSPA announcement: “Regional Mobility Programme”

ReSPA is pleased to announce the launching of the “Regional Mobility Programme” which will be implemented, indicatively, during the following period: January – June 2024. 

The main components of this Mobility programme in duration of total 11 days are the following: 

1. Executive education in a renowned School/Institute established in an EU Member State (3 days);

2. Study visits and exchanges with selected EU institutions in Brussels (2 days);

3. Job shadowing in regional organizations in the Western Balkans (or wider) – (5 working days): 

4. Closing workshop (1 day)

Please find attached Call for Applications which describes the programme, its components, the eligibility criteria, application documents as well as the selection process. 


Application documents required:  

1. Motivation letter in English language, explaining: 

o your motivation to participate in this Mobility Scheme; 

o your expectations in terms of how the Mobility scheme would contribute to your and the work of your institution; 

o clear identification of the regional organization in which you would prefer to do job shadowing[1];

o your personal commitment to participate at all stages of the Mobility scheme; 

2. Confirmation by your employer on the permanent employment status and the required number of years of working experience;

3. CV in English language;

4. Written confirmation that your HR Department and your immediate manager agree with your participation in this scheme, including your absence from work for the purpose of: executive education, study visit and job shadowing segment (2 full weeks in total in different time periods: 1 week in March/April 2024 and 1 week in April/June).  

Any question you may have during the application process, please send them to The ReSPA Secretariat will respond within 5 working days.

ReSPA Liaison Officers, under the close guidance of the Members of the ReSPA Governing Board, will conduct the selection process and will accordingly inform ReSPA of selected candidates for each ReSPA Member. Applicants will have to apply by 15 December. 

All costs for participation to the Programme will be covered by ReSPA.


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